Overseas Projects

There’s no denying that investing in foreign properties will always come with risks and uncertainties. Most recently, Malaysia’s Mahathir commented about barring foreigners from buying properties in the Forest City mega project in Johor. However, this doesn't mean that there aren’t viable investment opportunities. As a proxy, we can see that many trusted local property developers, including City Development Holdings (CDL), CapitaLand, UOL, Frasers Property, GuocoLand, Oxley, GSH, KOP, FigTree, Tuan Sing, and many more have ventured into foreign property markets. These Singapore Exchange (SGX)-listed companies have also done well in neighbouring property markets, including Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Vietnam, Myanmar, China, Australia and more. So you may ask, who are those interested in Foreign Properties investment? Below are the 5 types of buyers.

  1. Investors that already have large exposure to Singapore Property market and wishes to avoid huge ABSD.
  2. Investors seeking for recurring income & passive income.
  3. Those buyer who have decoupled.
  4. Investors who have insights into Overseas Property market.
  5. Those Looking For An Overseas Holiday/ Retirement Home and want a Return On Their Investment.
While it may seems to be highly affordable to invest in an overseas property, there are still some rules for Singaporean or PR to take note of before issuing the cheque for that dream home overseas.

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