Mixed Development

What Are Mixed Developments?

Mixed-used development is a type of urban housing that combines residential and commercial spaces in one. Other services can likewise be integrated into the development such as industrial, cultural and institutional trades. Mixed developments can be a single building, city block or complex of buildings that forms a community. Residential units plus shopping mall is the most common type of mixed development in Singapore. Usually, the shopping mall is located on the first few floors while above are the residential units. There are also mixed developments with integrated hotel rooms inside the building.

5 Benefits of Mixed Developments Singapore

Utmost convenience and accessibility are not the only advantages of mixed developments. It’s more than just a residential unit and shopping mall combined as one. While most people see mixed developments as something risky for their private life, there’s more to these properties than privacy issues. Check out their advantages below.
  1. Unparalleled Convenience

Convenience at its finest is the ultimate advantage of mixed development properties. With everything you need right within reach, you don’t have to travel far from home just to fetch daily necessities. From doing your grocery to obtaining basic supplies, you can even buy a brand new shoes or shirt just by going down on your unit. Bringing retail therapy close to home has many advantages such as:
  • You don’t have to strain your arms travelling with huge grocery bags on your hand.
  • Restaurants and food shops within the building provides an easy access to sumptuous meals.
  • Driving away from home just to visit shopping malls is virtually not needed.
  • You don’t have to rush from home just to catch your favorite movie.
  • You can even find a work right inside the building saving you tons of precious time and money.
  • With different recreational activities within reach, it’s impossible to have a dull moment.
  1. Saving Costs

There are many advantages of mixed developments, to one of which is that your expenditures will be greatly minimized. The cost of fuel is on all-time high, and by reducing the need to travel, it allows you to save a huge amount of sum. Also, you don’t have to pay parking fees and take public transport just to buy a bag of chips or frozen meats. Right within your development grounds are various stores to cater all your needs. Less travel definitely means less spending.
  1. Higher Chances of Passive Income

They say that properties close to MRT stations always fetch higher rental income, but this isn’t always the case. The added benefit of having a mall just below your unit can likewise fetch high rental income. Mixed developments are attractive to tenants because of the convenience and accessibility it brings. Tenants are willing to shell out more provided that they have everything they need in just one roof. Additionally, since there are office spaces and employees within the development, it equates to unlimited supply of possible tenants.
  1. Increasing Location Value

There is a common notion that mixed-used developments are only for affluent people. Why? Because most of them are priced so high that a low income Singaporean won’t be able to afford. While this might be true in some forms, it plays a huge role on increasing the intrinsic value of the district or location. With affluent people flocking the area, it significantly intensifies the reputation of the district. Attracting more wealthy spenders, it makes the area a highly “desirable” location.
  1. Flexible Investment

Last but definitely not the least benefits of mixed developments Singapore is its flexibility to hold your investment depending on your desires. If you decide to let go of your unit, listing it on the open market is a great option. Keep in mind that a well-designed mixed-used development sitting on a great location can draw hundreds of potential buyers. Furthermore, you could sell your unit to foreigners since most of them are attracted on convenient city living. On the other hand, if you don’t want to let go of your property, there’s always a possibility of renting it out to gain valuable income.

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